Ryan Doenges

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I am a Ph.D. student at Cornell University, where I am advised by Nate Foster. My research applies programming language techniques to computer networking problems.

My last name sounds like “DEN-jis” when I say it out loud. My full name anagrams to “try heron agendas”.

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  • Ryan Doenges, Tobias Kappé, John Sarracino, Nate Foster, and Greg Morrisett. Leapfrog: Certified Equivalence for Protocol Parsers. In PLDI 2022. [ doi | arxiv (+proofs) ]
  • Ryan Doenges, Mina Tahmasbi Arashloo, Santiago Bautista, Alexander Chang, Newton Ni, Samwise Parkinson, Rudy Peterson, Alaia Solko-Breslin, Amanda Xu, and Nate Foster. Petr4: Formal Foundations for P4 Data Planes. In POPL 2021. [ doi | arxiv (+proofs) ]
  • Hardik Soni, Myriana Rifai, Praveen Kumar, Ryan Doenges, and Nate Foster. Composing Dataplane Programs with μP4. In SIGCOMM 2020. [ doi ]
  • Ryan Doenges, James R. Wilcox, Doug Woos, Zachary Tatlock, and Karl Palmskog. Verification of Implementations of Distributed Systems Under Churn. In CoqPL Workshop 2017. [ sigplan copy ]


  • Fall 2022: TA-Instructor (coteaching with Michael Clarkson) for CS 3110.
  • Spring 2018: TA for CS 4120.
  • Fall 2017: TA for CS 3410.
  • Winter 2017: TA for CSE 341.


  • 2021–present: Co-organizer for LGBTea with Andy Ricci and Griffin Berlstein
  • 2018–2019: Co-organizer for Grad Seminar with Oli Richardson
  • 2021–2022: CS PhD Admissions Committee for Fall 2022